Autograf: Universitätsbibliothek Kassel - Landesbibliothek und Murhardsche Bibliothek der Stadt Kassel (D-Kl), Sign. 4° Ms. Hass. 287

June 9th 53

Dear Doctor Spohr.

The two overtures you mention shall be immediately advertised in the Programmes of the Society in addition of the Doppel-Symphonie1 already announced. But before advertise ”Vater unser“ I am requested by the Directors to write & ask you if you will oblige them by selecting an instrumental work for performance instead of a choral work.
Our Orchestra is considered the fines ever heard but I am sorry to say our ”choral forces“ are not equal to our instrumental; moreover we find we are intending upon the ”Sacred Harmonic Society“ by giving Sacred Works, and as the Society has rendered us on several occasions assistance we donot wish to injure them by giving works which lesser the attraction to this Society‘s performances.2
In this reason I fear we must give up performing Beethoven‘s Mass in D. & with regard to ”Unser Vater“ will you kindly taking into consideration the reasons I have given select and the instrumental work for performance at the 5th concert instead of it.
Your ouvertures performed by our Band will produce an immense effect & next to Symphonies, ouverture are the works most cared for by the New Philharmonic audience.
I will immediately make enquiries about the ”Stimmen“ of the ”Doppel Symphonie“ & the two overture & will write to you again either tomorrow or the day after.
The ”quartett“3 would be a great feature in our Programmes if we can do it. Is it published? & will it require much study? I will find out if we can enjoy 4 good players for its performance.
In my next letter I will give you the names of a few other works which are promised for the 5th Concert & then you will be able to form an opinion, whether the ”Quartett“ should be introduced at the 5th or 6th concert. With the greatest respect
I am dear Dr Spohr
your very faithfull
H Wylde

Dieser Brief ist die Antwort auf einen derzeit verschollenen Brief von Spohr an Wylde. Der nächste Brief dieser Korrespondenz ist Wylde an Spohr, 11.06.1853.

[1] Irdisches und Göttliches im Menschenleben.

[2] Die Sacred Harmonic Society und die New Philharmonic Society teilten sich den Aufführungsort Exeter Hall (vgl. Wylde an Spohr, 14.12.1853).

[3] Das am 08.07.1853 aufgeführte Quartettkonzert op. 131.

Kommentar und Verschlagwortung, soweit in den Anmerkungen nicht anders angegeben: Karl Traugott Goldbach (09.08.2021).