Autograf: Universitätsbibliothek Kassel - Landesbibliothek und Murhardsche Bibliothek der Stadt Kassel (D-Kl), Sign. 4° Ms. Hass. 287[Taylor, E.:34

Dr. Louis Spohr
Hesse Cassel

Dec 28. 1842

My ever honoured Friend

In one of my former letters to you I mentioned that I was about to conduct your Oratorio in this Town, and I cannot resist the temptation of informing you at the result of the performance.1
It may be necessary to say that Manchester (well known as the seat of the Cotton manufactory) is a Town possessing great wealth, & that it, inhabitants are found of cultivating Music, although, in general, of an inferior kind – They being here the Italian Opera Singers, & when they hear Grisi or Rubini sing the trash of Donizetti, think it very fine! Still – they support a good instrumental Band - & a good Chorus.
I agreed to this request to have the Fall of Babylon performed, on condition that it was well rehearsed, & that I should have the principal singers from London. All these conditions more agreed to. Mr. Hobbs & Mr. Phillips sung their original parts, & Miss Birch (a very excellent singer from London) the Israelish Woman. In addition to previous rehearsals, I had three before the day of performance, when I had the pleasure to find all the Band competent & well prepared.
The performance was most satisfactory – Every thing went correctly, and the performers were all enthusiastic in their admiration of your work. The Leader was Mr. Seymour, an excellent performer on your Instrument, & the principal Violoncello was Wm. Lindley, the son of your old friend2. They played the Vision admirably.
The Concert Room was crowded, and the Oratorio has created great delight here. This is the first time that any of your Music has been heard in Manchester – so you may suppose I do not thing very highly of their musical taste. However I believe their eyes are now opened, & they begin to know and ful what you are.
Excuse this short & hastly letter, but I could not deny myself the pleasure of informing you the result of my visit to this place.
My best Compliments await Madame Spohr and the sincerest regards to yourself from

My Dear & admire Friend
Yours mst faithfully
Edw. Taylor

Autor(en): Taylor, Edward
Adressat(en): Spohr, Louis
Erwähnte Personen: Birch, Charlotte
Donizetti, Gaetano
Grisi, Giulia
Hobbs, John William
Lindley, Robert
Lindley, William
Phillipps, Henry
Rubini, Giovanni Battista
Seymour, Charles
Erwähnte Kompositionen: Spohr, Louis : Der Fall Babylons
Erwähnte Orte: Manchester
Erwähnte Institutionen:


Dieser Brief ist die Antwort auf Spohr an Taylor, 02.12.1842. Der nächste Brief dieser Korrespondenz ist Taylor an Spohr, 23.01.1843.

[1] Vgl. „Manchester, Dec. 27.“, in: Musical World 18 (1843), S. 6; „Concert Hall“, in: Manchester Guardian 28.12.1842, S. 2.

[2] Robert Lindley.

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