Autograf: Universitätsbibliothek Kassel - Landesbibliothek und Murhardsche Bibliothek der Stadt Kassel (D-Kl), Sign. 4° Ms. Hass. 287[Taylor, E.:28

Dr. Louis Spohr
Hesse Cassel

Red Lion Court
Fleet Street
Aug. 5. 1842

My Dear & honoured Friend

Altho‘ I sit down to write to you with a heavy heart, I cannot delay any longer to inform you how our proceedings for the Festival go on, and especially those which are connected with your Oratorio.
I little thought that the duty & responsibility of conducting the Fall of Babylon would devolve upon me: but since ”alas! it is apparent that such will be the ease, I have endavoured by diligent study to qualify myself for it. We have had two full Orchestra Rehearsals in the Hanover Square Rooms, at which all the London performers were present, and the principal Singers.1 The Singers are all delighted with their parts, and will sing them admirably – Hobbs is so full of zeal to do justice to the part of Daniel, that if you had been at Cassel, he would have travelled all the way there in order to sing it to you. We have also had several private Rehearsals with Cramer & the principal Instruments for the Band all feel the high compliment you have paid them in committing the first performance of the Oratorio into their hands, and they have shown more ardour & zeal in its Rehearsal than I ever remember on any former occasion.
I have also been twice to Norwich since I wrote last, & gone thro‘ all the Chorusses again & again. The same enthusiasm prevails among these humbler members of the Orchestra as among the principals, & I think only one thing will he wanted to ensure a complete & satisfactory performance. Of this we are deprived – and I envy not the feelings of that Man who could inflict an act of such wanton malice & petty despotism.
I have some doubts whether the pecuniary result of the Festival will equal the last. This country is in a very depressed state, & manufacturing Cities, like Norwich, especially suffer. Our Ministers have imposed a heavy Income Tax upon us2, and this will compel many persons to reliquish the pleasure of attending the Festival. But these are circumstances over which we have no control, & we must hope for the best.
If any thing occurs to you in the way of instruction to me in the conducting of the Oratorio, do me the favour to communicate it.
I left my Wife & Children very lately in Norfolk, where I enjoyed much pleasure.
I hope that you have found benefit to your health from the Waters & Carlsbad, & that Madame Spohr has also enjoyed her visit. I beg any kind regard to her, and am

My Dear & esteemed Friend
Ever Yours most truly
Edw. Taylor.

Autor(en): Taylor, Edward
Adressat(en): Spohr, Louis
Erwähnte Personen: Cramer, François
Hobbs, John William
Erwähnte Kompositionen: Spohr, Louis : Der Fall Babylons
Erwähnte Orte: London
Erwähnte Institutionen: Norfolk and Norwich Triennial Festival


Der letzte Brief dieser Korrespondenz ist Taylor an Spohr, 24.06.1842. Vielleicht ist dieser Brief die Antwort auf Spohr an Taylor, 18.06.1842. Der Postweg dieses Briefs überschnitt sich mit Spohr an Taylor, 08.08.1842.

[1] Vgl. „Norwich Festival“, in: Musical World 17 (1842), S. 231; „Spohr‘s New Oratorio“, in: ebd., S. 237.

[2] Vgl. Edwin R.A. Seligman, The Income Tax. A Study of the History, Theory, and Practice of Income Taxation at Home and Abroad, New York 1911, S. 128-136.

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