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[...] I am working upon the Oratorio; it will be ready for dispatch oh the promised date, i.e., New Year. I have now lent the work to Mr Guhr in Frankfurt who will perform it at christmas. I stipulated a fee of five Louis d'or which can be given to the ʻGriechen-Verein' or to some local charitable institution.1 To the Leipsic Concert Society who performs the work for charitable purpose I shall of course lend it free of charge. [...]
I also offered to lend Mr. Zelter the score and the voices for a grand performance in Berlin2; but it would much embarrass me if the two performances would take place at the same time or in too quick succession. I beg you to take care that the work is well rehearsed by the choir with due attention of all shades of loudness and and softness, and by the orchestra with the precision which my music specially demands. I should also like to point out to you that however easy this work may seem in comparison to my other compositions, one rehearsal with the orchestra will not be sufficient, and that, at least, the overture and the great Recitative in the second part will need very careful preliminary rehearsals.

Autor(en): Spohr, Louis
Adressat(en): Rochlitz, Friedrich
Erwähnte Personen: Guhr, Carl
Zelter, Carl Friedrich
Erwähnte Kompositionen: Spohr, Louis : Die letzten Dinge
Erwähnte Orte: Berlin
Frankfurt am Main
Erwähnte Institutionen: Singakademie <Berlin>
Singakademie <Leipzig>


Dieser Brief ist die Antwort auf Rochlitz an Spohr, 27.10.1826. Der nächste erhaltene Brief dieser Korrespondenz ist Rochlitz an Spohr, 26.02.1827.

[1] Vgl. Spohr an Wilhelm Speyer, 02.08.1826.
[2] Dieser Brief ist derzeit verschollen.
Kommentar und Verschlagwortung, soweit in den Anmerkungen nicht anders angegeben: Karl Traugott Goldbach (22.09.2017).