Autograf: Universitätsbibliothek Kassel - Landesbibliothek und Murhardsche Bibliothek der Stadt Kassel (D-Kl), Sign. 4° Ms. Hass. 287[Taylor, E.:35

Dr. Louis Spohr
Hesse Cassel

Liverpool. Jan 23. 1843

My Dear & honoured Friend

So my Daughter1 is actually under your hospitable roof. I envy her so high a pleasure & privilege, but I rejouce that she can enjoy it. I think I see her seatedin the dear little parlour, opposite to Mad. Spohr, and you seated under your portrait. Sometimes I think of her walking out with some of those kind friends whose hospitality I shared so largeley at Cassel – I only hope that she will endeavour to show herself worthy the high privilege she now enjoys.
I have been absent from London a month, busily occupied in lecturing here and at Manchester. The Lectures which I delivered at Manchester were on the German School up to the time of J.C. Bach. and they excited great interest there. Here, my subject is English Dramatic Music, on which I have already written 24 Lecturs, and am only now arrived at the reign of George II. as Dramatic composer, we seem to have had the start(???) of Germany for a long period. Our Dramatic Music dates from the time of Shakespeare – altho‘ the form & structure of the English Opera was not completed till the time of Purcell, who was the first to discern & to apply Music, under many(???) form & variety, to the Stage. This Season his King Arthur has been revived at Drury Lane Theatre, and performed with great spendour & success. This is a curious fact & shows the power of his genius, that an Opera composed in 1691 should now be revived and admired, King Arthur has never get been printed, and I am now engaged in the interesting employment of preparing it for the press, for the Members of the Musical Antiquarian Society.
Give my love to dear Peggy2 - & tell her to be a good Girl. My kindest regards to Mad. Spohr,
Believe me

My Dear & valued Friend
Your much obliged & grateful
Edw. Taylor

Autor(en): Taylor, Edward
Adressat(en): Spohr, Louis
Erwähnte Personen: Bach, Johann Christian
Georg II. Großbritannien, König
Taylor, Margaret
Erwähnte Kompositionen: Purcell, Heny : King Arthur
Erwähnte Orte: Liverpool
Erwähnte Institutionen:


Der letzte Brief dieser Korrespondenz ist Taylor an Spohr, 28.12.1842. Der nächste Brief dieser Korrespondenz ist Spohr an Taylor, 08.02.1843.

[1] Margaret Taylor.

[2] „Peggy“ = mittelalterliche Form von „Meggy“, Abk. f. „Margaret“.

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