Autograf: Universitätsbibliothek Kassel - Landesbibliothek und Murhardsche Bibliothek der Stadt Kassel (D-Kl), Sign. 4° Ms. Hass. 287[Taylor, E.:33

Red Lion Court
Fleet Street
Nov. 24. 1842

My Dear & honoured Friend,

I have now the pleasure to communicate to you the Resolution of the Norwich Festival Committee, which I received yesterday. I hope it will be, in all respects, satisfactory. The delay has been solely occasioned by the absence of some of the chief members of the Committee from Norwich, and in truth, this is the first meeting they have had since the Festival. I ought to add that the receipts of the1 Festival were less than the former one, partly owing to the general pressure of the times in this country, and partly owing to your lamented absence. The defiancy was principally at the Evening Concerts – and the result, of necessity, is that a smaller sum than before will remain for the charitable Institutions.2
The resolution of the Committee which I am requested to communicate to you is as follows.

At a Meeting of the Norwich Festival Committee
Nov. 20. 1842.
Peter Finch Esqr in the Chair
Sir Henry Durrant
Rev. R.F. Elwin
Mr. Blake
Mr. Athow
Mr. Simpson
Mr. Staff
Mr. W. Malchett
Mr. Kerrison
it was Resolved –
That this Committee being fuly impressed with the conviction that the success of the late Musical Festival is to be attributed, in a great measure, to the performance of ”the Fall of Babylon,“ are divisions(???) of expressing their strong feeling of gratitude to the illustrious Author of the Oratorio for his generous confidence in intresting(?) the production of it to the Band & Chorus of the Norwich Musical Festival: in token whereof, the Committee beg to present to Dr. Spohr the sum of One Hundred Guineas, accompanied with their sincere thanks, & best wishes for his health and prosperity.
Peter Finch.

The money is now in my hands, and I shall be happy to receive your instructions through what conveyance or channel it may best reach you, as well as the Ten Guineas which I received from Moscheles.3
I am sorry to say that the performances of the Oratorio in London is postponed. The engagement of some of the principal Singers every night at the Theatre in Purcell’s Opera of King Arthur, & the impossibility of getting a sufficient number of Rehearsals there have induced me to defer it. It will be performed at Manchester on the 23 Decr when I shall have the pleasure again to conduct it.
With my best Compliments to Madame Spohr

Believe me My Dear Friend
Yours with the truest regards Edw. Taylor

Autor(en): Taylor, Edward
Adressat(en): Spohr, Louis
Erwähnte Personen: Athow
Blake, Francis John
Durrant, Henry
Elwin, Robert Fountain
Finch, Peter
Kerrison, Roger
Matchett, William
Moscheles, Ignaz
Simpson, George Elward
Staff, John Rising
Erwähnte Kompositionen: Purcell, Heny : King Arthur
Spohr, Louis : Der Fall Babylons
Erwähnte Orte: London
Erwähnte Institutionen: Norfolk and Norwich Triennial Festival


Der letzte Brief dieser Korrespondenz ist Taylor an Spohr, 24.10.1842. Spohr beantwortete diesen Brief am 02.12.1842.

[1] Hier ein Wort unleserlich gestrichen.

[2] 700-800 ₤ (vgl. „Mr. Professor Taylor“, in: Musical World 17 (1842), S. 310).

[3] Vgl. Ignaz Moscheles an Spohr, 28.10.1842.

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